Željko Đuričić

„The association of agricultural producers has always sounded like a great idea to me, but as an individual I have not been able to implement this idea. I hope that our efforts will pay off and that we will be able to make a decent living from the agriculture production while doing what we love, and that such projects will awaken the desire of farmers to work in the common interest “ – ŽeljkoĐuričić, Zablace village near Sabac

An experienced tobacco producer from Zablace, a village near Sabac, graduated from the College of Agriculture and dedicated his work to agriculture. In addition to tobacco production, Zeljko also produces vegetables, and he harvests the finest plums from his orchards for the Zadrugaand dries them together with his mother and joins his products withthe other subcontractors. Since this subcontractor did not doubt the idea of association of farmers, Zadrugawas a logical step for the development of his farm.