Nenad Ilić

НWe could never imagine that our plums and apples would turn into such fine products and would be sold in big markets. Even less did we believe in the power of joining together agricultural producers, having thought that time was behind us, but Zadruga inspired us with hope that joining forces still made sense and that in that way we can only be stronger ” – Nenad Ilic, village Grusic near Sabac

Nenad Ilic is one of the first subcontractors of the social enterprise Agro Iris. Nenad takes care of his farm together with his family, and now she dries her plums and apples and adds value to her product through collaboration with a social enterprise. The Ilic farm is guarded and nurtured by Nenad’s wife, Sladjana, their three children, as well as Nesha’s parents, who all work diligently in the process of producing dried fruit and preserve the tradition of fruit growing in the area.