Grujica Žunić

We all know that profit does not come without work and that every success takes time, so we work patiently and strive to always keep our products good enough in order to have satisfied customers coming back for more. Our household is already harvesting the fruits of that effort, but we believe that the Zadruga will continue to grow and we will certainly be there to support that growth” – GrujicaZunic, Zablace village near Sabac

At the very beginning of the production, the cooperative included GrujicaZunic and his hard working family from the village of Zablace, near Sabac, in their subcontracting team. Our Gruja and the female part of the Zunic family – two daughters, a wife and a mother, take care of their small agricultural property every day, and provide juicy dried pears and plums from their orchards to Zadruga. Initially skeptical about the model of association that his ancestors experienced, Gruja was cautious about the project, and now he is part of the production of the most beautiful fruit from this region together with the rest of the subcontractors.