What is Zadruga?
AGRO IRIS is a socially responsible enterprise created to help small and medium-sized agricultural producers from rural areas. AGRO IRIS and its brand ZADRUGA were created within the project “Rural development after floods” implemented by ASB Austria and its local partner Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) and supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the city of Sabac.
Currently, in cooperation with our subcontractors from the village in the vicinity of Sabac, we produce apple chips, dried plums and dried pears, and soon the range of products will be extended to other types of fruits and vegetables.

What does Zadruga offer to its customers?
Our subcontractors harvest the finest fruits from their family orchards, and ZADRUGA uses the most modern methods to dry and pack products without adding artificial flavors and additives. In addition to a healthy and quality product, with ZADRUGA you have the opportunity to contribute to improving the living conditions of small agricultural producers, since majority of the profit from social enterprise is returned to farmers through the purchase of their raw fruits and vegetables at an increased price, while the remaining profit is invested in expanding the sales and production capacities of ZADRUGA.

Try our local specialties and healthy snacks that are conquering the world! By purchasing ZADRUGA product, you are doing good for yourself and others, as well.

Do you want to have ZADRUGA products in your shop?
If you are interested in selling products of ZADRUGA brand in your retail stores or supermarket chains, please contact us by email: office@agroiris.org
or by phone +381 (63) 7135005

Do you want to become our subcontractor?
The subcontractors in our social enterprise are drying fruit from their orchard, while ZADRUGA takes over the rest of the business, joins the products from different farmers, manages the technological process, organizes packaging, sales and distribution, and distributes profits in a socially responsible manner. Profit from selling finished products is distributed to farmers and reinvested in further development of social cooperatives across Serbia.

Join us and become a member of our social enterprise!
Contact us by email: mladen.stankovic@agroiris.org or by phone +381 (63) 7135005



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